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I am a professional Virtual Assistant with over twenty five years experience in handling multi-national clients.
My unique professional experience stems from providing comprehensive admin and high quality secretarial support throughout my career.
I am an enthusiastic individual who enjoys a challenge and I get
great satisfaction from seeing projects to a conclusion.
I pride myself in my professional attitude, my ability to solve problems and the flexible and calm approach I adopt to ensure that various competing demands, priorities and deadlines are met. I have been able to transfer and utilise my excellent organisational, interpersonal and communication skills to my clients.

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In order to help manage my clients' business, I offer a variety of services including:

Reviewing systems and make recommendations on processes to ensure your business is as efficient as possible.
Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook, Word and Excel
Copy Typing/Word Processing/Data entry
Mail Merge
Travel arrangements
Deadline management
Diary Management
Proof reading and formatting
Transcription services, including digital and audio typing, of meetings, interviews, and employment hearings
Website Management
Social Media scheduling and posting
Mental Health Champion

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Latest post

What is the last photo on your phone and what’s the story behind it?

Claire Halliday


This was the subject of the task at a recent networking meeting I attended and as a Virtual Assistant decided to make an efficient use of the subject, convert it in to a blog and give my clients and prospective clients a chance to see who I am apart from a VA.

My initial response to the question was “đź’© what’s the last photo I’ve got on my phone?”! I smiled with relief when I realised it was an opportunity to talk about my other passion, apart from Excel and Pivot Tables… my dogs!

My photo was of Louis, one of our French Bulldogs, with his Ted. The reason I took this photo was simple. Louis makes my heart melt every time he picks up Ted. It melted particularly badly this day as he’d taken Ted outside for some fresh air! This is unusual. As he pottered back in to the house, the overwhelming feeling of love for this wee dog was like a wave over me so I reached for my phone and took the photo to capture the moment.

You see, Louis is one of my heroes.

Louis had a really freaky accident when he was just 14 weeks old. He turned into quite a celebrity and appeared next to the Queen on page 3 of The Sunday Post as a consequence. Vets Now also covered his story.

But Ted plays quite a significant part of this story too. Ted came in to my life the day after I put the deposit down for Louis. I went to Pets at Home and guess I was a bit like a mum to be heading into Mamas and Papas, and started to nest for my puppy’s arrival. Ted caught my eye, along with a baby blanket, and when we got L home, their friendship was created.

Ted has been in L’s circle of trust ever since. Who is in your inner circle?

Recent posts

My Journey from Employed to Self-Employed

Claire Halliday


Last week I talked to my local networking group, Connecting D&G, about my journey from being employed to setting up my business as a Virtual Assistant. Zoe Roberts, the Coordinator of the group summarised the talk so well, I’ve blatantly copied it – I hope you don’t mind Zoe!  Many thanks to Claire Halliday – […]

Transcription Services

Claire Halliday


One of my favourite jobs as a PA, EA and VA is transcription. I loved nothing more than seeing my boss walk in with tapes and apologising that both sides were almost full. My heart gave a little leap. It still does, except now it’s digital files. It would be a variety of emails, letters, memos, […]


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