Claire Halliday

My Journey from Employed to Self-Employed

Last week I talked to my local networking group, Connecting D&G, about my journey from being employed to setting up my business as a Virtual Assistant. Zoe Roberts, the Coordinator of the group summarised the talk so well, I’ve blatantly copied it – I hope you don’t mind Zoe! 

Many thanks to Claire Halliday – who spoke to us about her journey from being an Employee to becoming Self Employed during a pandemic.  No mean feat, but she did so after many years gaining experience and knowledge from the Police force in administration and the local council (which she hated) and the NHS, where she progressed into management and PA work. 

She has always been passionate about fairness and people having a say, and being in a respectful environment.  She moved on to working with an estate agent in the private sector and during this job, because of the pandemic she had to work from home, she realised that this was the dream. 

To be at home developing client relationships, making a difference to their business and personal lives, and having personal freedom to make choices about the work she does. 

She went to work finding a business coach, a sales and marketing coach and making an ‘ideal client’ profile, the business took off on 1st August 2020 and she hasn’t looked back. 

Big tips – don’t multi task, do one thing well and move onto the next, and always make sure there is a pipeline of business coming in, and to make the effort to live a balanced life, and as a result of this move she now considers that she has a hobby job because she enjoys it so much.

Not one to miss an opportunity, I have used the recording of my talk to create a video – why reinvent the wheel?

My aim of sharing it is to gives viewers an insight into my career background, what drives me and, most importantly, a little bit of my personality.  Life is too short to take ourselves seriously. An important factor for me working with clients is that we can have a laugh and not be too serious. It is possible to be professional AND fun.

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